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When selecting a pre-school for your child, be sure to visit and compare several facilities. Observe the teachers, children and other parents, and request solid answers to the following questions:

How secure is the facility? Almost all centers have a locked front door, but once inside the lobby, are there other security protocol, or does everyone have full access to the building? Are the doors leading in from the playgrounds locked or monitored?

At Park Place Children’s Center, the front door and all exterior doors are always locked. Parents use a numeric code to enter the lobby, and use their code again to go from the lobby to the classrooms. The doors leading to the playgrounds also remained locked at all times, and parents and teachers use their numeric codes to access these areas.

How many children are in each room? Many childcare centers offer the same teacher: student ratios, but differ greatly in the number of children that are scheduled to be in each classroom.

Click here to see Park Place Children’s Center’s ratios and maximum group sizes.

Has the center been assessed with ITERS and/or ECERS environmental rating scales? Please click here for more information about this quality assurance program. You may also want to visit to learn how these rating scales were developed and are being used around the country to identify and develop high quality early childhood education programs.

Do children have learning opportunities in a variety of settings, or are they stuck in the same classroom all day, every day?
Having a few transitions each day enhances a pre-school program, but too many transitions have the opposite effect. Children benefit most from a balanced program where they have ample, uninterrupted time in their own classroom along with activities in other areas.

At Park Place Children’s Center, children enjoy activities in their classrooms, the gym, the library, the enrichment center, and on the playground. Infants and toddlers enjoy daily excursions on the six-passenger “Kindervans.”

Is this center nationally accredited? In June 2013, Park Place Children's Center was proud to achieve accreditation through the National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs. This recognition provides assurance that Park Place Children's Center provides a high quality program for children, an educational environment that is conducive to a child's individual growth and development, and excellent professional development opportunities for staff.

National accreditation provides a level of accountability which ensures that a center provides facilities and programs that are aligned with the best practices in early childhood education. National standards far exceed state licensing standards and require a written annual report and an on-site validation visit every three years.

The National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Educatin Programs is sponsored by the Association for Early Learning Leaders, a nationally-recognized leader among associations serving childcare owners, directors and administrators. By participating in this association and achieving national accreditation, Park Place Children's Center demonstrates its commitment to strengthening and enhancing the skills and knowledge of its staff, which, in turn, provides the best possible educational environment and experience for our children.


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