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Where is Park Place Children’s Center located?
Park Place Children’s Center is located at 205 Batesville Road, Simpsonville, SC 29681. This address is in the Five Forks area, near the intersection of Batesville Road and Woodruff Road. The school is located right next door to Parkside Pediatrics.

When did the school first open?
Monday, August 24, 2009.

What hours is the school open?
We open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 6:00 p.m.

Is there a waiting list?
Yes, there is a waiting list for infants and toddlers. There are a limited number of spaces for the three and four year old age group. We encourage you to register now if you’d like to secure a space for your child.

Is there a fee to reserve a space for my child?
Yes, there is a one-time, non-refundable registration fee. The fee is $350.00 per child (or a maximum of $500.00 per family, if enrolling siblings).

How many children will be in my child’s class?
Each infant classroom has a maximum of five babies and one teacher. The toddler classrooms have 10 children and two teachers. The two year old classrooms have 14 children and two teachers. The three year old classrooms have 11 children and one teacher. The four year old classrooms have 13 children and one teacher. These numbers are not simply our student to teacher ratios; they represent the maximum number of children who could be present in that particular classroom.

Are meals provided?
Breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack are provided and included in the monthly tuition.

What qualifications do the teachers have?
We hire teachers who have education and/or experience in early childhood education. At a minimum, all teachers are required to have completed ECD-101 through Greenville Tech (or a comparable course at another university) within their first 12 months of employment. All teachers also hold current certifications in infant/child CPR and first aid. The S.C. Department of Social Services requires that all childcare workers earn 10 hours of continuing education credits each year in specified areas. On-going training is provided to teachers, and they are encouraged to further their education in this field. Additionally, members of our staff reflect a personal commitment to providing the very best care and education to children; they exhibit compassion, respect and joy in working with children and their families; they have excellent communication skills with both children and adults; and they demonstrate professionalism while promoting a sense of family among their students, parents and co-workers.  Qualified teachers who would like to apply for a position at Park Place Children's Center should download an Employment Application.

What makes Park Place Children’s Center unique?

 1. Our superior security system
 2. The provision of consistent care through looping
 3. The variety of classroom settings
 4. The low teacher: student ratios combined with small class sizes
 5. Our relationship with Parkside Pediatrics

How secure is the facility?
Keeping your child safe is one of our top concerns. When visiting other facilities in this area (and in other cities), we found that most childcare centers have a locked front door, but once someone is in the lobby, they have full access to the building. We have taken several steps to provide a more secure facility.

Parents, visitors and vendors are only able to enter our building through the front door. Each parent uses a personalized, four-digit code to come into the lobby where they are greeted by our receptionist. Once parents have checked their children in using our computerized attendance tracking system, they use their four-digit code again to gain access to the rest of the building. Anyone who has not been assigned a code will be welcomed in by the receptionist yet will remain in the lobby until we’ve determined who they are and why they are at the school. Visitors and vendors will never be allowed beyond the lobby unless they are escorted by a designated employee of Park Place Children’s Center.

All exterior doors remain locked at all times, and an alarm will sound if an exterior classroom door is opened. The doors leading in from the playground areas also use the four-digit code system, so teachers and/or parents have to use a code to re-enter the building from the playground.

Security cameras record all activities throughout the entire building and on the playgrounds. This service is not available via the internet, but parents are welcomed to view the monitors in the director or assistant director’s office upon request.

What is “looping?”
Looping (also called continuity of care, primary teaching or sustained teaching) refers to the practice of keeping the same caregivers/teachers with a group of children for two or more years. There is an increasing interest in the concept of looping as experts in the field see inherent advantages, not only for children, but for the benefit of teachers and parents, as well. This practice exemplifies the importance of bonding, attachment and security between a child and their teacher, and enhances communication, trust and the overall relationship between parents and teachers. Considered an indicator of high quality care, looping is currently practiced at only one other center in Greenville – the accredited childcare program at the YWCA on Augusta Road.

At Park Place Children’s Center, the toddler teachers move up with their class to the two year old class. This is especially important for a child’s emotional well-being. At this point in their lives, it’s common for children to experience heightened separation anxiety. Although they move into a new classroom, they have the comfort of having the same teacher and friends in their class. This allows for a much smoother transition and allows children to continue developing important skills without having to first become comfortable with a new teacher. This is a period during which communication skills blossom and potty training begins. Being with a caregiver/teacher that the child knows and trusts enhances the learning experiences in these and other key areas.

The following year, the children have a new teacher in their three year old classroom, but this teacher loops up with the class to four year old room the next year. This is primarily for an academic reason. When it’s time to move up to the four year old classroom, the teacher of the three year olds knows exactly where each child is academically, socially and emotionally. She is aware of what each child knows, how they learn, and what they need to continue working on to be fully prepared for kindergarten. Having the same teacher in the three and four year old rooms also allows the teacher to expand on lessons learned in the three year old room, and prevent duplicating or omitting learning areas and skills.

How big is the school?
Our 20,000 square foot building is nestled on a 3.4 acre campus. Although the building itself is large, it has been designed to be more “residential” than “commercial,” and our goal is for children to feel at home in our school. At home, you would never expect your child to be confined to just one room all day. We don’t think that should happen at school, either. In addition to 20 spacious classrooms, the children (beginning in the toddler room) spend time in the gym, library and enrichment center. They also enjoy outdoor play time on the age-appropriate playgrounds. The infants have the opportunity to ride around the school on a KinderVan, and they have their own outdoor courtyard.

Who are the founders of Park Place Children’s Center?
A graduate of Furman University, Cindy Weathers has worked in Greenville since 1986 in marketing, communications, development and public relations. She started her career in the PR department at St. Francis Hospital, and went on to become the Vice President for Marketing and Communications at the United Way of Greenville County. She transitioned into the educational arena by serving as the Director of Development at Shannon Forest Christian School for 10 years. In 2003, she became a co-founder and director of Palmetto International Preparatory School in Greenville. At Palmetto Prep, she developed experience and skills in pre-school organization and operations and fulfilled marketing and human resource functions for the school. With 21 years of experience in a variety of business and educational settings, Cindy is uniquely qualified to develop a premier educational facility. As a mother, step-mother and grandmother, Cindy understands what parents are looking for. She wants to provide the very best pre-school experience for children, parents and teachers, and she has the faith, passion and ability to turn her dream into reality.

Thomas Weathers holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration degree from Southern Wesleyan University.  He previously served as a Senior Credit Supervisor at adidas America, Inc. and a Senior Credit Review Analyst for Synnex Corporation for eight years.  Thomas has management experience in both the computer and restaurant industries.  He developed, owned and operated a restaurant and a computer store that provided sales and service.  A veteran of the United States Air Force, Thomas has excellent leadership and technical skills.  He manages the financial aspects of Park Place Children’s Center.

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